PhD Dissertations

CARDS proudly congratulates its esteemed students on the successful submission and defense of their PhD dissertations. Warmest felicitations to each of them on this remarkable academic milestone.

  1. Argho Sarkar

Title of the dissertation: Towards Explainable Machine Learning Models for Remote Sensing: Multi-modal and Uni-modal Applications for Natural Disaster

Date of Defense: April 22, 2024

2. Tashnim Chowdhury

Title of the dissertation: Supervised and Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation for Natural Disaster Damage Assessment
Date of Defense: April 15, 2024
3. Debvrat Varshney 
Title of the dissertation: Hybrid Deep Learning to Trace Snow Layers through Radargrams
Date of Defense: April 22, 2024
4. Pretom Roy Ovi
Title of the dissertation : A Robust Federated Learning Framework against Cyber Intrusions to Ensure Data Confidentiality and Model Integrity.
Date of Defense : April 9, 2024