Funded Students by CARDS

List of PhD candidates and dissertation titles.

Oluwagbemiga Nelson Ajayi: Developing Cross-domain Intrusion Detection Systems (Defended December 2022). Current position: Amazon.

Pretom Roy Ovi: Intrusion Prevention and Detection in Federated Learning against MiM (Man-in-the-Middle) Attacks.

Emon Dey: A Robust and Resilient Federated Learning Framework over Lossy Communication Channels.

Anamika Paul Rupa: Real-Time Illicit Retail Network Detection from Social Media and Illicit Activity Recognition using AI on the Edge.

Argho Sarkar:  A Generalized Visual Question Answering Framework for Remote Sensing.

Debvrat Varshney: Hybrid Deep Learning To Trace Snow Layers through Radargrams.

Naima Khan: An IoT Assisted Machine Learning Framework for Monitoring the Thermal Variation on Building Envelope.

Sai Sree Laya Chukkapalli: Towards preserving privacy and building trust among the users of Cyber Physical Systems.

Tashnim Chowdhury: Supervised and Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation For Natural Disaster Damage Assessment.

Zahid Hasan: Learning view-invariant spatio-temporal video features and novel categories.

Arnab Mazumder

List of PhD students (pre- proposal)

Rohan Putatunda

Neil Kpamegan

Azim Khan

Nadeem Ahmed

Mozhgan Navardi

List of MS students

Tamilselvan Gurunathan, Naveen Kumar, Nikhita MeligeTejaswini Manjunath,  Sanjana Rajesh, M Shehrose Raza, Harsh Shroff

List of BS students

Jason Chen, Luther Diagle, Warren Funk, Liam Mackinnon, Hong Nguyen, Benjamin Polyakov, Kevin Rippy.